Arthub Open Studios

Saturday 18th and

Sunday   19th September

11 to 5 both days

Bowater Road,  Westminster Industrial Estate

Warspite Road   next to the Thames Barrier


lots going on so click on the link to find out more

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Catford Arts Trail Open House

Saturday/Sunday 9th/10th

Saturday/Sunday 16th/17th October

11 - 6 pm


The trail is free with  lots of activities going on at various venues.   Parking is generally easy.  The website is being updated but more information available at  


We are at 64 Daneby Road, SE6 2QG with a collage workshop 12-3 on the first Saturday and second Sunday.  Please wear a mask to these events and follow social distancing as we are now accustomed. 


Showing with me this year again are Marite del Villar, Luke Merryweather and Virginia Balistreri.  I am also delighted to welcome for the first time Adrian Morris-Thomas, Kirsti Tebbett and Warwick from ArtHub Studios.     So, there will be lots of original one off works in print, textiles, jewellery and ceramics, not forgetting glass!

Adrian Morris-Thomas


Born in Greenwich into a family of artists,  Adrian has extensive skills in drawing, painting and printmaking – as well as an innate understanding of art as a way of life. Deceptively matter-of-fact about his artistic process,  Adrian threads together imagery from old photos, found objects, vintage books, magazines and packaging.  He takes his ideas through boundless stages and different techniques until they gather momentum and manifest as a personal surrealism.


Kirsti Tebbutt


Kirsti Tebbutt is a mixed media textile artist using fabric, screen-print, stitch, paint and dyes. She takes an experimental approach to making work often inspired by London's urban landscape and more recently by micro and natural forms. Her work is often large scale, sculptural and fun.

Luke Merryweather


Luke is a printmaker and installation artist, looking at the themes of togetherness and destruction. For this year's trail, he will be showing a selection of screen prints based on feelings and events from the past year/ 18 months, that look to positively engage people to think about the well-being of each other.

We are ' Stronger Together'.


Marite Del Villar is a mixed media artist who loves to explore different materials, creating unique pieces. Her interest is in the process of discovering the qualities of those materials and this year she is showing new materials, along with collaborative pieces with Jenny.

Virginia Balistreri


Virginia is a potter and makes ceramics in her studio at ArtHub, South East London, UK.


She chose throwing on the wheel as her main, favourite and beloved technique for making ceramics. She enjoys creating a mix of functional and non-functional objects. Her research specializes in thrown shapes, materials and glazes.




The core idea at the heart of Warwick’s art is to use an image from the world around him as the beginning of the artistic journey, by taking it out of context.  Warwick’s painterly, abstract print style is a result of using eleven layers of different coloured inks through his improvised print relief process.

Jenny Sharp


Three of my latest Bullseye Glass dishes using the Under Pressure technique.

I will also be showing new textiles works for the first time along with collaborative glass/jewellery with Marite.

Finally but not least:


I am absolutely delighted to say that we are in early negotiations with the Barbican Library for a date for the Lumini Glass Group show.  This was due to take place last April.  It is likely to be early 2022 so watch this space!