• Jenny Sharp

Textile Foundation - Morley College - September 2020

So looking forward to meeting everyone tomorrow. I have acquainted with a few of the group during the four week (Thursdays) pre foundation warm up sessions that Jenny Bell (tutor) ran in August. It was fun but I found it hard to, at times, keep focussed as I was distracted by the garden, as I was in my Shed.

Meeting for the first time tomorrow, making sketch books and doing the inevitable paper work.

Then on Tuesday we are off to the South Bank for a drawing day - sooooo looking forward to that.

I dont draw enough as I tell myself that Im not very good but I know that I am perfectly capable of putting pencil (or whatever) to paper to get across ideas etc.

Apologies for this image as it is not as crisp as usual - not sure why. It shows the fish pond which we are very pleased with.

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