• Jenny Sharp

Morley Textile Foundation Week 1 Day 2

Out and about at the South Bank

We met up and discussed the days tasks and goals. Splitting up into small groups we cracked on. The weather was fabulous, and most of us found a shady spot in which to concentrate on our work.

working hard in the shade

just one of the many iconic images to be found

End of day Crit - always so useful just to talk a little bit about your work and listen to others methodology and thinking. Also hearing about different materials etc.

This was just one of the results of my days labour, two images of the area above the skate board area. Certainly the top one (done without looking at the paper) reminded me of stitch and is one for further development.

Home work: to research more about the South Bank and in particular the Festival of Britain.

To start compiling our sketch books/portfolios.

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