• Jenny Sharp

Morley Textile Foundation Week 4 Day 2

Last day with Jenny Bell before the Half Term break. Met at the South Bank to spend a few hours revisiting the site and also taking photos for our future work.

Back in the studio we set about interpreting some of our images into something. I chose this image which was the worn steps up towards the Hayward Gallery - so much texture and colour. I used different papers and tore them, sticking them together with PVA. As they dried they delaminated a bit but I re-stuck them with wallpaper paste when I got it home.

I also brought in the homework I had done from the previous week. Using the Indian ink images I photocopied them up in scale and, once I was happy with the image, I photocopied it onto fabric. This was then slit so that I could thread the ribbon through. Glass beads were then sewn in with copper wire. Once this was done I machine stitched the whole onto wadding and backing.

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