• Jenny Sharp

Morley Textile Foundation Week 6 Day 1

Last day of the Observational and Life Drawing block with Steve Wright

Using charcoal to cover page and then erase the charcoal to leave the object - not as easy as it sounds and me and charcoal don't really see eye to eye!

Steve then gave us a record to draw which is in fact a very difficult thing to do.

Then onto drawing twigs and bark with particular emphasis on tone. I was getting on quite well with mine until I put some ink wash over it and it all seemed to meld into one!

Before I ruined it!

Got on with drawing the rather lovely monster toy. Steves task for us was to draw them big and bold with lots of colour.....

We then spent the last part of the session drawing our hands, with some useful tips on how to approach them.

I am sure that a lot of the tips that Steve gave us are known to those who have done this intense drawing before. However most of it was new to me having been mainly self taught over the years. Thank you Steve for an enjoyable (except for the charcoal!) five days.

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