• Jenny Sharp

Morley Textile Foundation Week 6 Day 2

Steam shibori. I had remembered to bring some things to wrap. I'd found some nice clear glass balls (not marbles) and used those, with another piece of fabric I used buttons and in the third piece I used a little chain that was in the box.

On the right is the pipe piece that was wrapped and steamed. It came out blue from the dye that was on embedded in the pipe.

Very interesting results but a lot of preparation. However Debby suggested that you can use just very small pieces to enhance other works. Also this can be done at home using domestic equipment so it might be one to explore further.

In the afternoon we were looking at flat into 3d cloth multiples - out with the sewing machines again

Debby gave us all the same sheet with different shapes on which would all fit together if thats what you wanted. We were asked to choose one of the 5 shapes and to cut out half a dozen pieces of calico. These were then stitched together in whatever way we choose. Simple great tips were the snipping of Vs when turning corners.

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