• Jenny Sharp

Morley Textile Foundation Week 7 Day 2

Our half term task set by Debby was to look at microscopic images and I concentrated on 4 in particular. Sketching out some of the details of these as shown:

I really liked the top one and followed this through by photocopying the image onto fabric, machine stitching and then hand stitching the red beads.

In class we were working on felting - both dry and wet. I really enjoyed this and made a tight sausage of the rolags (pieces of carded fibres). This was then hardened with watered down PVA. My idea is to slice it up and use it to make another interpretation of the red bead piece.

Jemina's work in class showing holes created by using the embellishing machine.

these were the ones I did in the shed using my own embellisher.

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