• Jenny Sharp

Morley Textile Foundation Week 8 Day 1

Day two of the colour block was concentrating on dispersedying. The group being split in two - one using the dyes (pre mixed by Kirsti) and the other group using the papers. We were given the task of using all the colour dyes in three different strengths to see the effect. As always looking a bit sad on the paper but once put in the heat press the vibrancy of the colours emerges. I love this process as you can really exploit the medium, using the dyes over and over again to add layer upon layer.

This shows the heat press fabric using paper that had been painted with the different greens/yellows. I was thinking about the image of the worn metal steps from the Southbank, You can see where I moved the curved piece of paper each time - giving a shadowy effect. I had used this method for the Barbican pieces I made for our postponed exhibition.

Below are the samples made from the strips of the disperse papers. Note the cotton strands which I had not realised were there. However I took them up and put them on the second one to exploit it - I am thinking that I will experiment with fresh leaves next week (or at home).

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