If you would like to talk about commissioning a piece, please contact me and I will happily visit you to talk about your ideas.  This consultation is free of charge and I will be able to give a rough idea of costing.  Careful measurements are then taken of the site, along with photographs.  A further meeting will take place to discuss the initial design ideas and full costing of the project.


Once the design has been agreed a working cartoon is made, at which stage payment of one third of the total cost is paid as a deposit.  The full price is then paid on receipt of the panels.

Stained glass production is highly labour intensive, with several distinct manufacturing processes:  Design; shaping the glass; any special techniques (such as painting or fusing); leading - which involves putting the glass into H shaped lead strips cut to size; soldering each joint on both sides; cementing and finally cleaning and polishing.  So please allow plenty of time for commissions.

Restoration work can, in some cases be carried out in situ if the area is small.  However if panels are badly warped, with broken or missing glass, they are removed and fully restored in the workshop.  This involves taking a pattern of the existing glass with careful measurements; stripping all lead and cement from the glass and cleaning; cutting any new glass before re-leading, soldering, cementing and cleaning.   


Other elements such as 'jewels' which are no longer available, can be made to replace the originals.