Brighton Jubilee Library, June 2014


For the Lumini Glass group second joint show we chose Brighton. 

Those exhibiting in Everyday Matters were Sophie Sheehan, Pippa Davismoon,

Jennifer Brown, Jenny Sharp, Emma Rawson, Charlotte Morrison and

Maria Beddoes.   


An exhibition of what is in front of us and that which we often fail to notice.


The main dilemma with this exhibition site was hanging the work.  We had a very short time frame in which to hang, along with the height of the windows.  Sophie Sheehan, a Brighton resident, went the extra mile to get this done for the group.

Green Spaces

Wimbledon Library Gallery

October 2012

                                                                       Lumini Glass Groups first exhibition together in Wimbledon.                                                                             We chose the theme of green spaces as the venue and locale                                                                           shouted arts and crafts and we felt that it was an apt                                                                                       interpretation.

                                                                       Jenny produced three different layered, box pieces.  SE22                                                                               (sold), Greenwich and Wimbledon. Each piece has a map                                                                                 printed on  float glass at the back.  For the front, the same                                                                               image has  been used but hand blown Tatra (clear) and                                                                                   Lamberts (green) used with leading for the roads.  The main                                                                           roads being stamped with their names.  The "green spaces"                                                                             were printed before being either leaded or bonded onto the                                                                             glass.

                                                                       Pine frame can be painted.  POA